Engine: 2.0L turboTransmission: Automatic
Fuel Type: GasolineCar size: Medium
Capacity: 5Air Conditioning: +

Calculation of the cost of renting a BMW 730M

Company KZ carrier rent a car LLC offers car rental BMW 730 M sports package. You can order and book a car rental in Dubai with delivery of the car to the airports.

BMW 730 M Sport Package Executive Lounge car rental is popular in Dubai. All BMW cars are equipped with modern electronics, comfort elements, safety and stability systems when driving on roads.

You can see the prices and technical data for car rental in Dubai. To rent a BMW 730 M Sport Executive Lounge package, we offer you to make a request to book a car by filling out the request form. You need to specify in your request the dates, time, place or address in Dubai where you want to receive this car, as well as specify the dates, time, place or address of the car return.

What you need to rent a car in Dubai BMW 730M

To rent a car you need to leave an application on our website. A manager will contact you to agree on the model of the car and the rental period. After that the car can be picked up.

BMW is a legendary car brand that commands respect. The trust in the German concern has been earned for decades and now BMW produces cars that people dream about and are proud of. Prestige, reliability, style and power – that’s why they are so appreciated and loved.

Many motorists do not change their choice of this brand and when changing cars, move to a newer model. According to them, the character of these cars is so unique that once you get used to it, you do not want to change for something else. It is difficult to put into words what it feels like to drive a BMW, but the technical advantages and characteristics are easy to describe.

VIP car rental BMW 730M

We tried and made the process of renting a car comfortable and pleasant. You will be satisfied with every moment spent in our car. Our well-maintained, stylish and VIP cars are perfect for business trips, business negotiations and other occasions when the size and appearance of the car really matters.

When cooperating with “KZ carrier rent a car LLC” together with a car rental we provide experienced consultations,
to be prepared for extreme driving. You will always have time for an important meeting or event. At the same time we guarantee you maximum safety and comfort, which will be appreciated by each client.

Luxury car rental BMW 730M

A solid business class car, VIP car with a driver can be a weighty argument during meetings at the highest level. Arriving to a business meeting in an expensive luxury car, you will add ten points to your own image of a solid business man. Our company has its own fleet and a large selection of luxury car rental, also rent luxury cars BMW 730M.

BMW has some peculiarities, which you should be ready for. First, they are quite finicky about fuel quality and if you do not monitor it, you will have to change filters often. And modesty in fuel consumption BMW is not different – the consumption can be quite high, especially in the city. Secondly, this brand is expensive to maintain. Replacement parts can be very costly, and qualified maintenance of older models requires quite often, which is the subject of jokes among BMW owners. This does not apply to fresh cars, they will last for several years without any complaints due to the excellent German quality of assembly.